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Academic Workshop Sessions

(about 1 hour in length-- Can be adjusted)


1. Does Music  Make You Smarter?

Power Point presentation based on Marguerite's definitive twin research on the power of Music.


 2. A Brief History of Classical Music

Understanding Classical Music and its progression.  Lecture, discussion and musical illustrations. Enriching.


3. Dissecting Twinkle

Understanding Mozart’s 12 Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Ah, Vous Dirai-Je Maman). A fun insightful session leaving you understanding much more about musical form.


 4. Music--The Great Superpower

Music is a tremendous God-given power -- for all! Here you learn how it affects you, why it is important, the many valuable things it can do for you.


 5. What is Art?

How Gershwin perfectly exemplifies the philosophy of Tolstoy. He is a true artist in the full sense of the word.


6. The History of Pop Music in North America Understanding the music of America and how it developed. Full of musical illustrations. Enlightening.


7. Do You Have Perfect Pitch?

You will find out in this session. Also you’ll learn why improving your pitch discrimination ability  is greatly to your advantage in Music.

8. Is Music Emotional?

Discover elements in music that produce emotion in listeners. Lecture includes the work of respected music audio-engineer/scientist Manfred Clynes.


9. The Victory of Philosophy's Daughters

 What science is revealing regarding musical Aesthetics. All science begins as philosophy.


10. The Benefits of Sound Therapy

Discussion of  various types of sound therapy and their  benefits, such as  Gregorian Chant, Baroque Music, the Mozart Effect, sound bells, leading edge work of Tomatis and some Canadian university scientists.


11. Superlearning--Music that Accelerates Learning

We will look at the work of Lozanov, Zatorre  and several others.


12. Tiki Tiki Ti Ti

Learning and using Kodaly's Method of rhythm symbols and hand signals to understand two fundamentals of Music--rhythm and pitch.


13. Why Your Child Needs Music Lessons

How Music and music lessons permanently affect your child in many positive ways. You too.

Fun Workshop Sessions:

(about 1 hour in length-- Can be adjusted)


1. Fun with the Ukulele

You’ll be singing and accompanying yourself on ukulele in one session.


2. How to play the 12-Bar Blues

One easy session.


3. Introduction to Hula

Learn some basic steps. First session includes learning to dance The Hukilau Song.

4. Sing the Cob-Webs Out

Let’s have a good old-fashioned Sing-Song. Various sing-along subjects: Generation X Sing-Along; Boomers Plus all ages;  All-time Favorites; Christmas; Hawaiian, Irish; more.


5. I’ve Got Rhythm

Moving to music. Feeling Rhythm. Boom-whackers, etc.