Marguerite Nering

International Piano Entertainer

Academic Scholar

“Rarely do we find such a multi-varied and talented soul as Marguerite Nering. Her beautiful musical contributions are only matched by her remarkable scholastic achievements. In my opinion hers was the finest experimental thesis completed in Music Education at the University of Calgary. ”

Dr. Walter Buehning

Professor Emeritus Music Education, U Calgary


"I have never met a finer, more accomplished, innovative musician than Marguerite. As my piano conductor we travelled throughout Canada and Mexico.  She  possesses great self-discipline and is forever expanding her wonderful varied talents."

Sylvia Thorne

Canadian International Songstress


"Marguerite was a great pleasure to listen to, work with, and to watch as she energized our clientele for hours at a time. "

Francois Cnockaert

Mgr. Ritz Carlton Japan

Marguerite Nering has two main pillars to her career. On the one-hand she is an internationally-renowned pianist and entertainer, and on the other an educator, academic, and cutting-edge scholar. These two pillars have accompanied her throughout her life, sometimes one taking precedence over the other, but most often moving in perfect harmony, complimenting each other. She loves performing, in fact absolutely cannot live without it, and has entertained around

the world. Yet her many scholastic awards attest to an inquisitive mind that demands discovery and resolution.

“Marguerite Nering grasps issues and situations quickly. She is a highly-accomplished musician so that what she does in music and performing, she does in education and scholastics-- with real artistry and flair, infused with a  unique  and healthy intelligence. She surprises with subtleties in underlying structure. The final product –be it performed or printed-- makes a strong unforgettable impact, a valuable contribution. ”

Dr Anthony Palmer

Professor of Music , U of Boston.


"Marguerite's academic competence is evidenced by her 4.0 GPA throughout both Master's and Doctoral studies, as well as her insatiable desire to learn, through reading, discussion, and research."

Dr. Arthur Harvey

Assistant Professor of Music, U of Hawaii.


"Marguerite is one of the finest scholars with whom I have ever been associated."

Dr. Barbara McLain

Professor of Music Education, U of Hawaii


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