Marguerite Nering





Marguerite's Academic Bio

Dr. Marguerite Nering has an unquenchable love of learning and is on a continuous quest for knowledge.  As an educator, she  has taught at all levels of the Alberta public school system, from kindergarten to high school, her subjects being mainly Music, French, and Drama. As well, she has taught at the University of Hawaii (Manoa) for several years, as well as the University of Calgary.


She has earned several degrees including a B.Ed (U Alberta--Music, French), M.A. (U Calgary--Music Ed, Ed Psychology) and a Ph.D. (U Hawaii--Music, Education, MusEd).  She has an ARCT (Associate Royal Consevatory of Toronto--piano, theory, voice).


In Hawaii she instructed in Music Education, Piano, Voice, and  Theory. She taught teachers-to-be how to teach Music. Marguerite has also specialized in Ethnomusicology and Dances of other countries. She enjoys and has taught Hula. She plays several ethnic instruments such as the Japanese Koto (13-string lute), Gagaku (drum, flute), Okinawan Shamisen (3-string lute), Indonesian Gamelan (gongs), Korean Kayagum (12-string lute), Changgho and Puk (drums), Hawaiian Ukulele and Chant, African Conga and  more. At the University of Calgary she instructed in Piano and Group Piano. She trained as band instructor and choral instructor at U Alberta.


Marguerite's abilities in music and in academics became apparent at a young age. She has taught private Piano and Music lessons since the age of 11. She also started playing in dance bands at that age, and at about the same time she started playing for church services.

She was president of the Registered Music Teachers Association in her former city of Medicine Hat for several years. She has directed several Musical Theatre productions and numerous operettas-- in schools and at the community level. She is a long-time affiliate of the American Federation of Musicians (Calgary Local 547).


She has a deep interest in the Psychology of Music and  Philosophy of Music (Aesthetics) and has done advanced study in these areas. She has presented papers and lectures on these subjects  in several parts of the world, including UCLA, Chicago, Birmingham England, Honolulu.  Her writings on these topics have appeared in journals such as the Philosophy of Music Education.


She enjoys research and has authored a thesis (in the area of Perfect Pitch) as well as a dissertation, (in the area of Music and The Brain/Intelligence)  each of about 500 pages.


For several years Marguerite has been a contributor to the Calgary music scene entertaining at fine hotels such as the Fairmont Palliser, Westin, Marriot, International in Calgary, and resort hotels in the Banff area such as the Banff Springs and Chateau Lake Louise.  Marguerite  has entertained literally all over the world -- in luxury hotels  such as the Ritz Carlton in Osaka Japan, and for several years on cruise ships--Princess line.


She adores the  ♫♪ piano ♫♪.